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dr nema

Dr. George Nema


Dr Nema’s philosophy is to make many tiny changes to in order to refresh and improve the face’s overall harmony. Having achieved his Masters in his native Philadelphia, Dr Nema gained his medical degree at UCD in 2005. He has practised in both the US and Ireland and is registered with the Irish Medical Council and the American Aesthetics Association.  


Ireland is Dr Nema's second home and he has been living here and practicing medicine since 2012.

Not a fan of aesthetic trends, Dr Nema's ethos is for the natural and subtle looks he creates, from a holistic approach to treating the face, which has gained him a loyal following of clients over the years.

Dr. Nema believes in investing time in the individual; that thorough consultation is key, and that truly understanding his patients can guide the aesthetic journey  in a more nuanced way.  

If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Nema, please set up an appointment online or call us directly.

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