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What do biostimulators do?

Biostimulators are skin-boosting injections – a bit like injectable moisture treatments, such as Profhilo – but with some added oomph if you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone. That’s because injecting them can boost collagen and elastin production, plus improve skin hydration.

More specifically, polynucleotides are injectable biostimulators, which means they work at a cellular level to trigger the skin to rejuvenate itself. They’re anti-inflammatory, too, and are particularly good for treating dark circles around the eyes – an area where we’ve had to rely on dermal filler in the past. 

What exactly are polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides are biopolymers composed of long chains of nucleotides – the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Most beneficially for the skin, they are biostimulators, which means when they are injected they encourage our skin to regenerate itself from the inside out

Are polynucleotides the same as dermal fillers or Profhilo?

No, while all three are injectable treatments, they work in different ways and have different properties. Specifically, polynucleotides are comprised of long chains of nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, rather than hyaluronic acid as with many dermal fillers and injectable moisturisers. And, while dermal filler physically adds volume to the face, polynucleotides work to initiate your body’s natural rejuvenation processes. Likewise, while HA-based skinboosters are all about boosting hydration, polynucleotides are working more broadly to improve the extracellular matrix, leading to the enhanced production of collagen and elastin.

What are polynucleotides made from?

It’s not the prettiest source, but polynucleotides are derived from salmon sperm DNA – after it has been filtered, ultra-purified, and sterilised of course. It’s used because it closely resembles human DNA.

Are polynucleotides safe?

Yes. Polynucleotides are widely regarded as safe, FDA approved and now widely used by medical clinics worldwide.

Do polynucleotides injections work?

Yes, polynucleotides can be used to improve skin quality and appearance in a multitude of ways, via boosting collagen production, hydration and elasticity. The result is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, crepiness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and scarring. They are specifically recommended for counteracting under the eyes too.

Can you have polynucleotides if you are allergic to fish?

Despite being derived from salmon sperm DNA, those with fish allergies can have polynucleotide injections according to medical literature. However, if you have any concerns, do speak to Dr. Nema before booking your appointment.


If you are interested in BIOSTIMULATORS treatment with Dr. Nema, please set up an appointment online or call us directly.

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