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Perhaps the first place where you show your age is the skin around the eyes as its the thinnest in the body. As early as the late 20s, crows feet or smile lines begin to etch themselves into the thin skin on the sides of the eyes. Dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes often come next, usually in the 30s. They are brought on not just by sleepless nights, professional stress, and the responsibility of childrearing, but also by the loss of elasticity in the skin. In the 30s and 40s, many people notice a hooding of the upper eyelids. In the 40s and beyond, extra skin folds accumulate on your eyelids and also underneath your eyes, making you appear more tired.

A heavy groove begins to form between the bottom of your eye and your cheek (the "tear trough"). Makeup application becomes difficult. You look worn out and sad eyed, even when you feel energetic and happy. 

Eye creams are expensive, and unfortunately their ability to de-puff and tighten decreases dramatically as we age.  In fact, many of the most luxurious brands at the cosmetic counter contain no ingredients with proven medical efficacy.

Dr Nema's non-surgical approach to treat the delicate anatomy of the under eye is almost painless with minimal downtime but produces excellent results. A series of three treatments about 2-3 weeks apart is recommended for optimal under eye skin rejuvenation.  During your consultation the product choice and details of the procedures will be discussed in details. 

What is the next step?

If you are interested in under eye Injectable Concealer with Dr. Nema, please set up a consultation online or call us directly.

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