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NemaSculpt™️ by Dr. Nema is an advanced non-surgical technique specifically focusing on the lower two-thirds of the face, adeptly addressing concerns such as sagging skin, excess fat, jowls, and double chin, and the reduction in volume of the cheeks.

NemaSculpt™️ is a laser-assisted face sculpting technique known as Endolift.  This innovative procedure serves as a less invasive option when compared to to conventional facelift surgery.  It Stans as a remarkable aesthetic advancement, delivering results that exude a heightened sense of natural beauty.

“As the pioneer Endolift practitioner in the Ireland, and a noted opinion leader for the procedure, I diligently utilize my expertise and insights to guarantee patient contentment."

What is Endolift Laser?

The Endolift laser technology is specifically designed to tackle issues such as skin laxity and unwanted fat in localised areas that often result from the natural ageing process in the face and neck. Its specialised laser generates heat beneath the skin, targeting the layer of cells where fibroblasts responsible for collagen production are located, ultimately tightening loose skin and reducing stubborn pockets of fat.

Why Dr. Nema's Clinic for Endolift Laser?

Endolift has been in existence since 2005, yet it was introduced to Ireland in 2021 by Dr. Nema, and numerous procedures have been diligently conducted by Dr. Nema since then.

Having received training and guidance in Endolift applications from the eminent expert, Dr. Forte, Dr. Nema's methodology and skill level are of the utmost quality. 

Transparency and setting practical expectations lie at the heart of all treatments administered at dr. Nema's clinic, assuring you of your choice to embark on your Endolift transformation. 

“It is both corrective and preventative,”

Dr. Nema explains Endolift laser

How does Endolift work to tighten body skin? 

Following local anaesthesia, a thin, laser-emitting wire, just 0.2-0.4mm in diameter, is introduced to the sub-dermal skin layer. With precise and delicate movements, the laser energy targets specific treatment areas to stimulate multiple responses:


  • Mechanical contraction – whilst this gives the temporary effect of immediate skin firming and tightening, the key is the body’s continuing response. 

  • Improvement of skin ‘architecture’ – structural proteins such as collagen and elastin are naturally produced in response to Endolift. The early signs can be seen as soon as 4-8 weeks, but the process continues to work over time with ‘peak’ results 9-12 months after the procedure.  

  • Skin surface rejuvenation – due to the natural healing process being kickstarted by Endolift, the increase in proteins has an impressive effect on the feel and appearance of the surface of the skin.  

  • Fat reduction – by directing the Endolift Laser energy slightly deeper, we can target fat cells, causing them to emulsify. In addition, the Fibroseptal network, which holds fat cells together, contracts.  

The treatment typically takes 1 hour. Due to Endolift’s minimally invasive nature, the downtime is surprisingly short. Patients generally experience slightly pink skin and mild swelling for 24-48 hours.  

What results can I expect? 

Results may become evident almost immediately, requiring only a single treatment. At first, there may be some initial irritation, swelling, and redness in the treated area, but these symptoms will diminish over time.

Since the treatment does not involve any incisions, downtime is significantly reduced, and there is no scarring. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities within a few hours.

How many sessions will I need?

Only one session is usually needed to see results with Endolift, a minimally invasive procedure that targets both the superficial and deep layers of the skin. This treatment stimulates collagen production and promotes skin restructuring, leading to firmer skin and a reduction in skin laxity. 


Depending on individual needs and desired outcomes, Dr Nema may recommend additional session for optimal results. 

The goal of facial aesthetics is not to alter a patient's appearance but to help them look like a fresher version of themselves with lasting results.

Am I a suitable candidate?

A suitable candidate for Endolift is someone who has mild to moderate skin laxity on the face or body. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.​ 

What is the next step?

If you are interested in Endolift Laser treatment with Dr. Nema, please set up a consultation online or call us directly.

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